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Government Installs 15,000 CCTV Cameras for Obama’s Visit to India but not for Indian Citizens – Delhi HC to govt

Indian Union government was bashed by the Delhi High Court for promptly installing up to 15,000 CCTV cameras across the city for US President Barack Obama’s security. In an official notice to the government of India Delhi Government as told by the Delhi High Court that “Because of a foreign president, you do it, but not for Indian citizens. If we direct you to do it for Indians, you do in months and years, else you do it in weeks. Let’s get someone from outer space.” Delhi High Court expressed its anger against the Delhi government for installing 15000 CCTV cameras at a great speed for US President Barack Obama, but being casual when it comes to improving the security for Indian citizens. The bench involved Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva.

Let the Cameras be Installed in Sensitive Areas: Delhi High Court
The honorary bench of Delhi High Court Judicature said on Friday while hearing a plea saying that the CCTV cameras installed for Obama’s visit to New Delhi on Republic Day not be removed after the US President leaves. Amicus curiae, well known friend of the court, Meera Bhatia urged the Delhi High Court to look into the issue and direct the government to let the cameras installed for US President Barack Obama’s security for long instead of removing them after his visit. High Court of Delhi responded to her pleas favorably and whammed the Indian government with the satirical statements and remarks of its concern over its people and VVIPs. Meera Bhatia urged the Delhi High Court to direct had sought orders to the government to not to remove in a hurry from sensitive areas such as entry and exit points in Delhi and places that come under high crime rate zones. Legal notices from Apex bench of Delhi High Court has been sent to the Centre, the Delhi government and police, asking them if the cameras will be removed or not.

Crime Rate and Assaults Against the Innocent Citizens of Indian Can Be Arrested
Apex bench of Delhi High Court which constituted Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva elaborated that various rape cases and other criminal accidents have happened in the recent past, but the government hasn’t been active enough to take security measures, but for a foreign president everything is being done perfectly. High Court of Delhi desired to know from the Government of India that whether the government is interested to let the cameras be installed in sensitive areas and crime prone areas reference to Amicus curiae, Advocate Meera Bhatia application that said these cameras should not be removed because the city is in desperate need of them because of the increasing crime rate.

Delhi High Court reminded the government that their earlier instruction to install CCTV cameras in Delhi after the Nirbhaya case was not taken seriously. “Will you remove it (cameras)? You take instructions. Notice. Delhi government, Centre and Delhi police seek time for instructions. Renotify on January 30,” the bench said. It also remarked, “it will take them years to remove it, if it is not vandalized before that”. “In the light of the Nirbhaya case, it is evident that the law and order situation in Delhi demands that these cameras (being installed for US president’s arrival) should not be removed from some strategic places like the entry and exit points of the capital and other places mapped as the high crime rate zones here,” it said. “Had the cameras been installed at the required places, the Nirbhaya case and other the unfortunate incidents of the similar nature might have been avoided or tracked easily,” the application said.

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