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Barack Obama’s Visit to India on 66th Republic Day Celebrations – 19 Facts

Barack Obama’s Visit to India on 66th Republic Day Celebrations – 19 Facts: Barack Obama’s Visit to India on 66th Republic Day Celebrations – 19 Facts: Barack Obama President of US, who is going to visit India during for the national celebrations of India Republic Day is making a buzz and raised high alert across the nation. Heightened and unusual security protocols will accompany U.S. President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to India from Jan. 25-27, when he will join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee for the country’s Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi.

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Unprecedented Security Preparation’s for US President Barack Obama.
A “never-seen-before” security cover is expected during the trip and will include round-the-clock coordination between the United States’ Secret Service, Central Intelligence Agency, and Navy Seals, and India’s Research and Intelligence Wing, Intelligence Bureau, and paramilitary forces. Reportedly Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and President of United States Barack Obama have been belived to be in the hit list of TTP, Islamic State, al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other prominent terrorist groups based in Pakistan and Baluchisthan. This makes the unprecedented security preparations for the supreme diplomats of India and US. Here are most confidential top 10 aspects of US President Barack Obama Visit to India during the 66th Republic Celebrations of India which you must know:

17 Facts About President Obama's Visit to India on 66th Republic Day Celebrations

  • US Presidents participation in the 66th Republic Day Celebrations of India will the longest ever open air platform outing for the US President at the Rajpath which would be more than two hours for the Republic Day parade and it ensures bullet-proof shield for the VVIP enclosure this time for their protection.
  • US Presidential security forces are not happy with the Republic Day Celebrations long duration of India as the maximum time an American president usually spends outside is 45 minutes where this long duration of Indian Republic Day Celebrations raises security concern. Indian Security forces and intelligence department is believed of giving a power-point presentation on the Republic Day celebration of India to US officials regarding their concern with the US President Barack Obama’s Security issues.
  • Indian Officials who had been engaged with the organizing Republic Day Celebrations at Rajpath reported that the show’s length has reportedly been extended because of the American President’s visit and the number of tableaux may be more than last year’s 20.
  • US Presidential Security forces request to Indian Security officials had been rejected which demanded the for a “no fly” zone over Rajpath as it would mean no fly-past, one of the main draws of the Republic Day ceremony  which made them to compromise with the Indian officials.
  • Guess What US President Obama would ride to the venue with President Pranab Mukherjee following the Indian protocol and cease his own bulletproof car – known as the “Beast”.
  • US presidential car known as the “Beast” is reported to be 18-feet long, 8 ton in weight is capable of withstanding bombs and bullets, has shred and puncture resistant tyres, night vision camera, satellite phones and a driver trained by the secret service who can perform a 180-degree turn. The car has a direct phone line to the Vice President and the Pentagon.
  • US Security personnel’s and Indian security personnel’s will take over all the Metro stations and offices around the Rajpath area 72 hours in advance at the request of US security personnel.
  • Rajpath and the way travelled by the US President Barack Obama will be positioned with the snipers and a specially set up radar will monitor the airspace over the area of Rajpath and his places of visit.
  • Anonymous Delhi Police official conveyed that, to help identify criminal elements face recognition cameras are being installed at Delhi’s entry points and the routes taken by the US President Barack Obama will be monitored by the CCTV cameras installed in those routes.
  • Union Minister of State for Home Affairs of India, Kiren Rijiju proclaimed that “Obama’s security is our responsibility and we should not make it a big issue.”
  • US President Barack Obama is going to be the first US President to be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day parade in India.

  • Obama would be accompanied by his wife Michelle Obama and a team of senior officials in his administration during his visit to India for the Republic Day celebrations in India.
  • The following are the persons who are about to come to Delhi from the US during the US President Barack Obama’s visit, Six aircrafts, carrying security staff, President’s cavalcade, with 30 cars. One of them might be the Cadillac One, among the world’s most high tech cars., Marine One helicopters, Air Force One, Obama’s plane (equipped to protect Obama even from nuclear attack)
  • US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to hold comprehensive talks on the entire gamut of bilateral ties and discuss ways to enhance cooperation in key components, including civil nuclear and defence pacts during the first day of Obama’s visit.
  • It is believed that Obama’s visit to India is also expected to boost the seven- year-old civil nuclear deal, facilitating the establishment of US-designed nuclear power plants in India.
  • US President Barack Obama along with his wife Michelle Obama would attend the Republic Day parade and later, along with Modi, will reportedly take part in Indo-US CEO roundtable on second day of their visit.
  • US President Barack Obama is expected to address a town hall and before his departure along with his wife, he planned a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra.
  • The Security departments are categorized as two crews as US Security Wing and the Indian Security to monitor the security issues of both the nation’s top diplomat. The American team has put together the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) of the US. While India is putting together the Delhi Police, Central Industrial Security Force, Intelligence Bureau and Air traffic controllers to strengthen the security plan.
  • US President Barack Obama is going to be availed 20,000 gallons of breathable air which will be transported from US for Obama’s visit to Delhi for Republic Day which is a disgrace to India and a major issue of concern to eradicate the pollution in Indian capital.
  • Secret Agents of  United States, who administered the security related issues prior to the US President Barack Obama’s visit were found to be suffering from severe respiratory disorders which made the preventive measure come about transporting  breathable air from US.
  • Stay tuned with us for more updates of US President Barack Obama’s Visit to India on 66th Republic Day Celebrations of India.

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