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Why to Choose Infolinks as Perfect Adsense Alternative ?

Most of the people are stepping into blogging scope is to make money and they to maximize the income as much they can! To be frank, there are many proven ways to make money online just by blogging. All you need is to choose the better Advertising program for your blog. If they pay more of the publishers then it good, otherwise you’re wasting time without getting anything :) So what will be the best proven method to earn online? Can I earn money with new blog?

If you ask such questions, then many people ask you to choose Google Adsense as your main income source. But if you go deep towards bloggers thought, you will came to know how hard they worked on getting Adsense approval! You may find many approval tricks, but they are useless. Unless your blog get good stats with Google Adsense Plocies and rules you will get approval for your blog. So its very tough! On the other side you can go for Adsense Alternatives. If you surf for Adsense alternatives then the first thing stood up will be the coolest Infolinks. Yeah! Its Infolinks 😀

If you guys really want to make good money on blogging then the best option I suggest everyone to go with Infolinks program. So in this post I’m going to share about How to Get started with Infolinks and why to Choose Infolinks as your Main Income Source? Let’s get started,

What is Infolinks?
Infolinks is a advertising company which was started in 2007 and helped lakhs of publishers to earn from their websites. They mostly focus on In-text advertising ads. In short the ads will be shown in form of links inside the blog posts. If any readers click that link then you will get credited with some bucks. Its totally different from Adsense program. And infolinks is offering many oppurtunities for publishers on different manner. So it means some cool products like inframe ads, in-text ads, in-tag ads and these text ads will overcome the banners ads.

Why Infolinks is much better than Adsense?
There are many things to be noted while differing the top branded Advertising Platforms, especially both Infolinks and Adsense. So some of them as follows,

#1 Getting approval on Infolinks is so simple when compared to Adsense. As said above, for getting approval in adsense your blog need to follows many Google Adsense TOS and they approval certains blogs only. So its really hard to get approval! This may be the biggest drawback for Adsense.

#2 Text Ads are more better than banner ads. Infolinks offers their publishers more with text adversting and its the most efficient way to make good bucks for less impressions. So when you compare with Adsense they mostly focus on Banner Ads. But some people won’t like banners ads and they feel those ads annoy them! So they try to avoid such ads. This may point out that, test ads will be more covinient for all publishers.

#3 As people avoid banner ads the number of impressions and clicks for Adsense ads will get low rates when compare to infolinks. As the Infolinks goes with text ads the no. of clicks percentage will be high as general.

#4 Infolinks alogroithium works great for your blog posts. All you need is to write quality content with high paying keywords. This need to be focused as the Infolinks ads shows their ads with your content niche and the keywords. So the high paying keywords gives you more money 😀

#5 Controlling your ads to show off is the awesome feature with Infolinks. With this feature you can turn on or turn off your Infolinks ads for certain pages or for certain sections of your blog side. This can’t be done on Adsense 😛 Anyhow this makes the blogger so useful on some violated posts. They can turn off the ads on that particular page whenever they need!

#6 Quick and Simple Payment System makes the Infolinks users feels much happy! The best thing is, Infolinks will pay all the publishers on time! And for the fund transfer they depends on these sources like, Paypal, Bank Wire, Payoneer, Western Union, ACH and via Echeck. So getting paid from Infolinks is simple!

#7 Infolinks Customer Support was great! If you stuck up with some problem, then you can go with customer support. You will get their support for 24×7 and all you need is just to push your questions and you will get the perfect answer to solve your bug :)

Infolinks Ads Formats
They focus mostly on text based advertising and many of their cleint like such way to promote their products.As I mentioned earlier they offers 4 types of ads formats for the publishers. All those four is text based ads!

#1 In-fold – A Overlay ad which folds and in-fold like headlines.
#2 In-text Ad – Ads inside the lines.
#3 In-Tag – Which Replaces Adsense Text Ads with keyword tags.
#4 In-Frame – Floating and Framed ads on both the sides of your site.

Just visit the Infolinks website and you can get live demo before choosing the ad formats for your blog. That’s sounds great!

How to Get Started with Infolinks?

Step 1: Go to Infolinks Website and Sign up.

Step 2: Now, fill up the basic details about Your website and other stuffs. And be patient for some hours, mostly 24 hrs.

Step 3: Once your application got approved , go to your dashboard and Create ads.

Step 4: Now its time to add it on your blog. For that just click on “Integrate” . And it will offer 4 CMS platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. Select your platform and go ahead!

Step 5: If you want to change or create a new ad unit just follow the same steps. If you want to customize your ads color and their positions to appear then click Customize button and make your changes. That’s it! So What are you waiting for?

Infolinks Referral program
Whats new on Infolinks? Is it “Infolinks Referral program” only for publishers. Isn’t cool? So what will the publisher earn from this program? How they are benifited?

Infolinks Referral program is an newly introduced one for Infolinks publishers. This referral program is so simple which gives good deal for all the publishers. If anyone refers a publishers with his referral id then he will gets 10% of that referred publisher revenue for 12 months. Yes, for 1 year! Sounds cool isn’t?

4 Reason to Join Infolinks Referral Program
#1 You will get 10% of your referrals revenue for 12 months.

#2 No Signup is required!

#3 User friendly dashboard to monitor your referrals and for the reports.

#4 Banners are provided by the Infolinks to promote your referral link with other.

Referring more customers under you is very simple. Is just like you do for affiliate programs. Some hot tips from my side will be,

#1 Just copy your referral link share it on popular social networking sites.

#2 Embed it on your blog posts or on videos.

#3 Write a review on Infolinks Referral Program.

#4 Use attractive Infolinks Banner.

#5 Ask your friends to join!

So what are waiting for? Join Infolinks and share your referral link with other and earn a lot!

Final Words
So whats your view about Infolinks? Easy to get approval, easy to earn from your content and the referral program is amazing with 10% commissions. These things can’t be found on anyother advertising network rather than Infolinks. Hope this post helps you a lot to know more about Infolinks and I assure you. If you got good traffic to your blog then surely you can make $$$ every money just by sitting front of your PC. Do share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 😀

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