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WhatsApp Now Available via on your Web Browser

One of the most popular messaging apps in mobile and instant messaging WhatsApp comes out with another great surprise for its loyal users. This time you can jump from mobile to the larger screen of their computer to respond to your friend’s text in WhatsApp. Yeah, you heard it right sweetheart now it’s possible without installing any special software. Use WhatsApp in completely a new way from today as Jan Kaum had just revealed it out that all the users of WhatsApp can now use WhatsApp in web browsers without installing any special extension or software application. Go through this complete post and get to know more.

Use WhatsApp Directly from Your Chrome Browser
Redefine the way of texting and messaging from today using a WhatsApp instant messenger. The mobile messaging service has introduced a new feature by which users can access it even through a web browser. Here is a new way to use WhatsApp from your computer which is called WhatsApp Web. What all you ought to do is that simply browse to WhatsApp Web. using Google Chrome web browser as right away this feature is available only with the Google Chrome web browser. Though, WhatsApp has assured that it will come up with the supportive version of WhatsApp Web of other web browsers soon.

How to use WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome web browser?
Using WhatsApp in your Google Chrome is an easy process. Here is a simple guide which you to use WhatsApp Web in your PC/Laptop/Desktop;

How to access Whatsapp in Google Chrome web browser?

Step 1: Navigate the WhatsApp Web official web page or CLICK here.

Step 2: Scan the QR code with your smart phone.

Step 3: Scanning of WhatsApp QR code on the web page would log in and pair your smartphone and browser.

Step 4: Stay connected with the Internet on both the devices which is must.

Step 5: Text messages to your dear ones and respond to the text messages right from your browser.

Whatsapp for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry :

Unfortunately, WhatsApp Web, the new feature of WhatsApp might be disappointing for the users of Apple smart device as the newly launched WhatsApp Web unavailable for them, due to “Apple platform limitations”. While it is great news for the users of Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or BlackBerry 10 smartphone users across the globe. You can now use WhatsApp straight from your Desktop. Apple users there is news which may give you a sigh of relief, which is WhatsApp Web is made iOS-friendly in the near future so that Apple users can make their messaging easier as well. What are you waiting for just share this news with your friends and stay connected with us for more updates.

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