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What Best Blogger Hide About Event Blogging? Secret Revealed!!!

Hello readers, after long time I’m here with another awesome Blogging Trick to Earn Huge Money in few days. To get success, you guys need to work hard on it! Not for the whole time, just for some days only! By checking the post title itself you guys must understood what I’m talking about? Yes, I’m talking about Event Blogging guys πŸ˜€ There are many bloggers who work mainly on Event Blogs. They work hard on it before the arrival of the events. Whats your view on Event Blogging? Possible to make $$$$ with event blogs? Then my answer will, YES!!

Because many bloggers and my friends are posting their success in event blogs on their Facebook Timeline and on their personal websites. They most share their earning screenshot and their highest real time view for their event blogs. So those share may inspire all to work on event blogging, even I got inspired πŸ™‚ There is no doubt about making good money from event based niche blog. It could give more income in short time than any of your other online earning source! Okay so now, let’s get back to the main point!

What is Event Based Niche Blogs?
It very simple! The Event bloggers create a blog on the upcoming event. And they try to get more targeted audience before the event dates, especially on the night before that event. For example take New Year 2019 as a event. They fix a target and start working on it just after November or even mid December month. Its depend on the bloggers works. For these type mostly Team Work gives more good result. Bloggers mostly focus on Keyword, Link building, Indexing their blogs on various search engines, SEO and other things. And the best part on Event Based Niche Blogs will be getting more money just by working less than 15 days. And those event blogs will drive huge traffic from search engines.

If you are new to event based blogging,  then you should first check out the ways to get started your own event based niche blog for the upcoming Valentine day 2019. This post is fully about event blogging and I’ve some interesting techniques to get started a event blog for Valentine day in effective manner. Surely I will guide the best from my side πŸ˜€

Most of you were busy with your boyfriend or girlfriend or love or life partner (whatever you call them) celebrating the day of love and having the best time you could ever have. But we had other ideas! No its not about love! Not about GF/BF! Its about Blogging!! The last valentine’s day 2018 gave us a lot to take in both in-terms of knowledge and depth about blogging and also in terms of income. And ranked it in first position in Google and now here comes the next valentines day 2018.

So what this post will be sharing? We will discuss about How to Start a Event Blog from basis till the Techniques to Earn $$$$$ with Event Blogs. Here I’ve listed some Essential 9 Tips to start a Event Blogging Effectively πŸ˜€ Check them all and start a blog for this valentines day 2019 πŸ™‚

How to Start Get Started?

#1 Team Work gives more $$$$ (Profit)
Most of the bloggers are going for this technique, Team Work πŸ˜€ You may ask whether team blogging gonna help better than solo blogging? Its a reasonable question! I prefer Team work for Event niche blogs, but not for Long term blogs. In event blogging there are much more to be worked out in short time. So you can’t do it alone, but some guys can do it on their own. If you want to make your work simple and more effective then go for team work.

So better form a good team with your friends and get started! Try to lead your team in perfect manner by allocating various tasks for your team mates. And make sure they work daily and hardwork on it. To reap huge $$$$$, then Work Hard. Its the logic or moto in Event niche blogging!

#2 Plan before the Event
Before getting started into event blogging, plan yourself! After planning for it, you need to choose a perfect niche which should have more searches and low competitive keywords. Better go for Google Keyword Planner. Keywords plays a vital role on event blogging. So work better on it!

For this tutorial, assume that I’m going to start a event blog for the upcoming Valentines Day 2018. So I’ve planned and fixed my target on this event. Then by using Google Keyword Planner I’ve picked up the low competition keyword and the most searched KW’s.

#3 Buying a Domain
Buying a brand new domain is must for event blogging sites. On Event blogging, don’t go for sub-domains. Always I prefer and recommend to a buy a domain name related to your event which you/team working on. Better you can get the domain which contains the related keywords. That can do better!

So in this case, I’m planning for this Valentine Day 2018. So I bought a domain with a keyword similar to valentineday. The go ahead by following the guides added below.

#4 Setup a blog
This will be the most important to make big money πŸ˜‰ Now on creating a site/blog you should first decide which platform you are gonna to setup your blog. Blogger or WordPress? I recommend to go with Blogger platform. Not only me, everyone go for it as its very simple & easy to use. And the best part will be on its free hosting offered by Google. So need to worry about hosting crush due to high flow traffic to your event blog. And another thing Blogger blogs always have good attention to Google SERP. They may index soon and visible in google search result than other sites. So on event blogging, blogger platform perform well than WordPress. So start a new blog with blogger and redirect your new domain to your blog. Thats it!’

To be said clearly, Go to Blogger >> Create a Site >> Setup your site. Then once you setup go to your dashboard >> Settings >> Redirect your domain. It is a simple tweak! Mostly everyone will know about it! If you are new to this too, then just Google it πŸ˜€

And update your blog with some content related to the event. For our case valentines day πŸ™‚ So find some valentine day wallpapers, wishes, quotes, greetings, status, WhatsApp DP, Messages and more things related to event. Try to publish unique contents and don’t copy from others. But mostly many guys copy, but in event blogging it not considered because we are going to blog just for 2-3 months. So there won’t be any issues with Google! But I recommend all to write and publish quality and unique contents on their blogs. That can help you rank better. While writing use Google Keyword Planner and write content with cool keywords πŸ˜€

#5 Optimized Design
So to impress a girl, you need to dress-up well! The same thing here too! Make your blog look cool with awesome design. Use well optimized themes. as the Page Optimization done well. And the feature with SEO Title, Meta Description and more. Here the Off Page Optimization also looks great. So I prefer everyone to design-up your blog with this template.

If you wish you can go for other templates too! But go for good optimized and fast loading templates. The best resource for blogger template are templateism and Templatify, Soratemplate and more. Do search on Google πŸ˜›

#6 Link Building Techniques
Link Building was the most important and major task. We underwent huge link building campaigns. These things can bring traffic as well as get high authority to the blog in quick span.  Try to rank the home page rather than all the internal pages. Use most targeted keywords like “valentine’s day messages” “happy valentine’s day messages” and also “valentine’s day sms” on your link building task. These are just an examples and you can use many more related to your event πŸ˜€ Then do comments on high authority blogs with good anchor text. Instead add the keyword for better ranking in search engines result. Once you complete check out the no.of backlinks you/team built for your event blog, as registered in ahrefs.com. And use most searched keyword for your anchor text while linking on other sites.

And another best way on Link building is to find some blogs for paid links, sidewide links and more. Most of the blog owners/admin won’t give, because these things may spam their sites. But some admins are ready to add your link for some $’s. But with that you can earn more than your invested money πŸ˜› Just Kidding πŸ˜€

#7 Traffic and Ranking
Try to increase the traffic and ranking everyday. My friend event blog traffic increased rapidly along with rankings and then his blog ranked top at Google. So try to ping it and try the possible ways to get more traffic to your site. For getting more traffic link building process should be done well. So its depends on your work and don’t try to use any bot’s. Just work on link building, you will get success soon, for sure :D. And Concentrate on keyword part too! They too plays a vital role in bring more targeted traffic towards your site:D

Do check it:- Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for your Event Blog

If you’re getting a do-follow backlink then it would be so great for your site. Use free Backlink Generator tool To Get High PR Quality Do-Follow backlinks totally for free. If you like to increase your earnings with traffic, then you should try to get massive traffic from US, UK, Australia, Singapore and mostly from western countries. The Indian traffic to your blog won’t pay much πŸ™ In other words, 10000 Indian views = 100 US views πŸ˜€ So try to get more real time traffic from US region and from Western countries!

#8 Make Money with Event Blogs
This will be the much awaited part in this post, right? So in order to monetize we’re going to use Adsense as our main source. So if you have adsense account then it would be so great. Otherwise try to apply for a new and add Adsense ad units in your blog. The other ways to earn are by using Affiliate Marketing, CPC ads, In-Text ads. Here the affiliate program and referral program gives you good result. For good commission from affiliate program you can go for Amazon and Flipkart. So these things should be done greatly and well in order to get good result πŸ˜€

And the placement of ad should be considered while adding ad units to your blog. In Adsense there are some terms to be concentrated more to get high earnings. In order to get good reasonable earnings the CTR and CPC rates should be improved well. Use links ads in sidebars and inside the post too! These things cares more about earnings πŸ˜€

For In-text ads I recommend everyone to go for Infolinks platform. Its the best in this case!

#9 Hard Work & Don’t Give Up!
For every jobs, Hard Work pays good result! Mostly on blogging you need more πŸ™‚ The things you need to concentrate on event blogging is on Keywords, Link Building, Getting Traffic. If you’re well in these things then you can succeed in your first event blog itself. Try your best to work out all these things and as said above get traffic from US region. That can pay you more than other region traffic. Hope you got it!

Hope this post helped you better in Event Based Niche Blogging! If you’re having any doubts then share it with us in comments below! And please do share your thoughts and experiences in comments below πŸ˜€ If you feel, this post guide you much better and useful, then show your love and caring by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites. As final I like to wish you all Happy Blogging πŸ˜€ and Good Luck for your Event Blogging πŸ™‚ Succeed and earn more! Mark my words, Never Give Up fellas πŸ˜€

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