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Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Free Web Hosting Services

There are some many things around your blogosphere! On web too ๐Ÿ˜› And mostly everyone accustomed to freebies over internet. This is taking place in your business ideas too! And Bloggers too prefer everything for free and they work hard with it! If you take blogger, they prefer to have free domain, free webhosting, free domain registration and more. It may not be worthy to use Free Web Hosting. So how can I describe those disadvantages which comes with free Web hosting and on Free Domain registration?

Let’s take a look over those tricky drawbacks ๐Ÿ˜›

#1 Advertising Issues
If you use free hosting service for your site then it tends you to allow or host a ad slots on your website to put their own advertisements. Advertisement in means, banner ads or pop up ads on your homepage or on all pages. So to get rid of all these things you need to prefer paid hosting services. How they show up on your blog? While you choose free hosting that does not force anyone to go with advertising. And they tends to close down with some frequency due to lack of low earnings.

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So what I prefer to do? I will go with paid hosting service and I will ad my own or some CPC network ads in my blog. So that I will earn more with it ๐Ÿ˜€

#2 Your Site May not be Under Control
When you don’t go for paid web hosting and preferring free web hosting then you may not have no power over its presence. The company can decide everything they want to take away your free blog or whole data backup of your blog. So it results in removing your site or blog for no reason!

#3 Issue with Search Engine
So if you bought some paid web hosting service, then you can get some impression over search engines. If not just the visitors to your website, but the search engine will also it will not consider more about your site! So always try to get paid web hosting service which is much more better than free hosting services online.

#4 Lack in Customization
Yeah, for sure there will be some limitation on your free hosting site editor. You can’t access full features and customize your site as you like. But this all customizations can be done paid web hosting sites. In short, your websites will be limited with some templates the free hosting service site offers you. And you can’t able to change its looks as you like and adding some interactive plugins is not possible! So make sure about it!

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#5 Low Customer Support
You will get less care about your themes. If you go with paid hosting service you can get some gurantee to get 24×7 help desk services. But in free hosting service you can’t get any assurance! If you got any problem with your site then you need to solve it by yourself.below A listing of some of my favorite bluehost coupon codes and discounts .

Final Words
So whats your point about Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting Service? Many free web hoster have tiered for some reasons. If you have free web hosting plan then now its time to change it to advanced version of your site. And for every amount you invest on your blog can repay you as soon as possible. Start your new blog with good hosting service and will good design. Then let us know your thoughts in comments!

And if you got some serious about only going with free web hosting service then go with Googie Host. They are best with their service which they are offering. Surely you would love their service and they offers much more access for customizing your blog is totally for free! Give a try now itself!

If you feel that this post helped you a lot, then do share this post on social profiles! Still more interactive topics are going to be discussed here! So stay tuned at Burptech for getting latest tips and tricks, technology, news, blogging and on other internet stuffs. See you soon!! Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

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