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Top 12 Amazing Reasons Which Proves India as a Special Country

Top 12 Amazing Reasons Which Proves India as a Special Country

Fortunately, we are blessed to be an Indian. In reality it is quite a bit misguiding while possessing the identity of being Indian is always a good time. Our point is not raise any controversies while here we list out few outstanding facts which makes India special place on earth to live and rosy to have birth over here.

1. India is the leading nation when in due course of Sports.

India has been proving outstanding in sports since a long time. The recent incidents to support that this statement would be Saina Nehwal turning out to be World No.1 top seed ranking in badminton and Sania Mirza emerging as World No.1 in top seed in Tennis Women’s Doubles.

2. India has always been tall in helping nations during hard times.

Indian nation has been strong enough to stand up for any nation in the world when they are need which could be witnessed with recent relief rescue operations carried away by the NDRF, Army and public administration of India in Nepal after earthquakes.

3. We Indians wouldn’t leave our dear ones behind in rough sledding

Indian government amazed the rest of world rescuing over 5000 Indians in who were marooned in the war-worn Yemen by the Armed Forces. Yemen rescue of 5000 Indians was one of the greatest war zone evacuation efforts in recent times carried out globally.

4. We are largest democracy with vast electoral rolls and louder people’s governance.

Indian elections have been a general public festival of the nation where every eligible citizen of the nation is giving equal opportunities to empower the nation with his opinion above the ruckus of corruption and power.

5. Republic Day 2015 created history with all women’s contingent march for the first time in history
Indian armed woman forces

Indian Armed Forces have been always dependable during essential conditions at the same time lead the way for society. Woman empowerment has always been recommended in India.

6. We aren’t worried of history and rest of world recognizing third gender as we believe in equality
india's third gender

Progressive nation India has proved a heavenly place in the world moving ahead as an inclusive society approving and recognizing third gender.

7. Indian nationals and their efforts to ameliorate mankind has been illustrious throughout the world

Indian citizens achievements and accomplishments for a better world have been widely esteemed all over the world which started out with the Noble Prize Peace Award 2015 for the Kailash Satyarthi.

8. We are a powerful nation with potent ammunition of nuclear weapons and missiles.
agni indian missile

India is one of the most powerful nation with potent ammunition of war weapons. Successful test and launch of domestic missile Agni V, signifies India’s progress in turning out self-reliant and protected.

9. We Indian’s challenge challenges.
Does that sound a bit smirky? We meant it as we are one who are building the world’s tallest railway bridge over the Chenab river.

10. Professionally we aren’t as rigid as we once were as a society.
When it comes to professional career and at work we are flexible enough to where people can express themselves and chase their dreams following their passions.

11. We inventors introduced zero to the world making difference throughout the era innovating and making giant strides in science and technology

We are the leading nation when it comes to the space and sci-tech developments and accomplishments. Our dissertation in science technology as amazed the world. Live instance in this regard would the Mangalyaan’s voyage into the space using ISRO’s innovative application of gravity slingshot.

12. We have been living up to be perfect being aware of the fact that we’re not perfect, but our efforts are on being we’re not perfect

We are willing to create a difference with the changes and amendments to our system. Our efforts  are on to make the difference with numerous movements against the current social issues and blights.

India has been changing, renovating and standing up as the hotspot of future. Perhaps India is a nation which is driving towards a  destiny the world has never seen before. There are many things which have been inspiring us to drive different people which pushes us even further. Watch out this video od Farhan Akhtar who also opines that there is something which is following our passion driving India. Stay tuned with us for more info and trending scores.

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