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Top 10 Best Android Apps For Travelers

Every traveling enthusiast finds him/herself lacking a truly wonderful hassle-free vacation memory, since many have experienced trouble in one form or another. Since the advent of smartphones Android has developed many solutions to these problems by creating a vast market of apps with both free and paid versions to get the best out of their trip. Here is a list of the 10 best android apps for travellers.

#1 Kayak
Everyone’s favorite traveling website now in your pockets at all times allowing you to book your plane tickets, your car, your hotels and anything else you can think of and while doing all of that it all links you to other discount websites where you can get it all at a much lesser price.

#2 Packing Pro
Packing Pro helps with packing for your camping or road trip or flight with pre-loaded lists or DIU blank lists from essentials to financials to medical and to do lists as well as knowing the region’s climate and the needs of every individual with unique lists for kids, babies and adults.

#3 Google Translate
Don’t know your Mandarin from your Cantonese? With Google Translate you can just about say it all. It has a conversation mode which allows two people to talk in their native languages while Google translates it live as they speak.

#4 GogoBot
Before you hurry away you need to decide where exactly in the world you want to go and GogoBot is an app containing reviews and travel advice and ideas on where to go and what is that thing you should do now that you have arrived.

#5 GateGuru
Traveling can sometimes be prolonged due to delays and wait for your connecting flight. GateGuru keeps that monster in check by by providing you with flight information, a map of the airport you are in and picking out nearby restaurants saving you from running around the airport looking for the loo.

#6 City Guides, Offline Maps
This app moves all functionality onto your android smart phone and saves all that data that you need into your phone for its offline mode. This is the reason why this app caught my eye because there are times when you are not in the range of a WiFi signal.

#7 Hipmunk
Hipmunk has made booking your flights more friendly letting you decide which flights will be for your supreme convenience and lists them in that order skipping by the usual foraging for practical flights. The results are displayed in an easy to read interface.

#8 Mapquest Travel Blog
With the help of OpenStreetMap data Mapquest has given an open database for users to modify and improve in order to get the fastest routes that only the real drivers know.

#9 Trevi
This is the app which really brings all your memories together by compiling all of the pictures chronologically to give you a virtual memento of the trip and also linking it to your Facebook so that you can share with all your friends

#10 Expensify
To keep all that traveling in your budget we have Expensify, an app which keeps a check on all your spending and provides you with a report of it with suggestions and also going online to get them approved.

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