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Michael Jackson Still A Raising Star.10 Interesting Things About Michael

Michael Jackson …. One name that Shakes World,  That Leads to World towards Music. Its also drives to calm persons  into rock and roll steps.  That is His introduction. In One Word  he is the God Of pop. Bad luck of all pop lovers, the God of pop leave the world permanently in June 25, 2009. It Been six years.

10 Interesting Things About  Michael Jackson :

An album that earns much more money in the World that is Michael Jackson’s  Thriller
Jackson Won 13 Grammy awards, In these  8 awards won at a night. in 1984.
He is the first  Black Singer Who got applauds from White Peoples In  An America
Michael   13 Songs record As The No.1 Songs Of An America.
Totally 750 millions  Michael Album copies were sold out in Worldwide.
He  Donate more than 300 millions for poor peoples.
He also Built a park for  childs  Who suffering from Cancer
He start his career at the age of 10.
His father Abuse the Jack mentally, Physically even though Michael aim was clear.
 He had more followers with compare to  Barack Obama
RIP Michael Jackson… You are the  real hero for us !

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