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How to Secure Windows PC or Laptop with USB Lock

Nowadays every piece of work is carried out on computers and people store important personal and official information on such computers. Storage of such important information in computers keeps users worried and this is when they look for security or a lock for their system such that their computer is not used or accessed in their absence. For getting such security or lock on the system, users can make use of USB lock which will secure computer system of the user well.

Use of USB drive
It would be surprising to know that the USBs can be used like any other lock and key to ensure security on the system. Whenever user has to use the system, they will have to make use of USB for unlocking the computer. User will get access till USB drive is connected on to the system and it will get automatically locked once USB is removed from the system. This way security is added on to the system, keeping contents within the computer protected. For using USB lock on your system, user will have to download Predator on their computer and this will give complete rights to the user.

Steps to download USB lock on system

The steps of using USB drive on to the system are quite simple and it can be followed or used by both experts and amateurs on the system. Below mentioned are series of steps to be followed by the user;

  • Once predator has been downloaded on the system, user can connect USB drive and then make use of the key to secure your computer from unauthorised access on the system.
  • The downloaded predator shall than be installed on the system.
  • During the process of installation, a popup may appear on the screen wherein user shall be asked to create a new password.
  • In this case the user may entire his desired password and then hit on OK button to continue further for using USB device on the system.
  • Then predator on your computer will put forward a box of preference settings in front of the user.
  • The user can then change the settings as per their need and then add on USB drive on the system. A drive can be selected under Flash Drive setting and then click on hit to create and generate a USB key which can be used with predator on the computer.
  • Whenever predator is running on your system, one may see the predator icon on the taskbar of their system. This will thus ensure the user that their system has been secured with a USB drive.

Final words
Above mentioned were some of the steps which have to follow by the user for securing the system with the help of a USB drive. Hence once you have installed the drive on to your system, you can be sure that the data and content within the system is safe and it cannot be accessed without your prior permission or unless you allow that other person to have access to the same.

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