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'Sholay' 3D 1st Day Box-Office Collections

Sholay which was first hit the screens in 1975 has itself got a fabulous response right from the release. The strong bond of friendship between Jai and Veeru was still unforgettable to many who opt to have one like them. It was the movie that changed the fate of the Amitabh Bachchan and turned into the legendary actor of INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY. The movie has screened for more than 5 years at Mumbai's Minerva Theatres, this was one of the unusual records it holds and makes something special among the other movies.

Sholay 3D 1st Day Box Office Collections: 1.8 Crores

The old Sholay is now transformed into a 3-D version to reach wide range of audiences. The movie which was released in 1990 was made at the budget of 4 crores but the 3D effects and some other developments took the budget range about 22 crores. The movie is released around 2500+ screens through the world and tickets have been in the average rate. Though it was an old movie it was failed to do good business at the Box-office. Because of some competitors like Dhoom 3, nobody is showing interest to watch the film. This was one of the reasons why the movie did not do much in front of Box-office.

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