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New Honda City Diesel 2014 Specifications, Features and Price in India

The much-awaited car to be launched is finally out. The new Honda City Diesel is launched today in Taj Palace in New Delhi which showcased already in November 2013 at the global premiere. Come join us to have look at the newly added features of this car.


Honda City has already three generations in existence. The first model was released in the year of 1996, the later second model in 2002, the third model in 2008. Now in 2014, the fourth generation of Honda City is Launched. A new car is being offered in 12 variants.


The new-generation Honda City resembles the third generation of the city. We observe the similarities in car doors, handles, wheels, length and width of the car. Overall it is a dynamic design by Honda.

Interior  Equipment:

This new City is having some changes in its interiors that are really making the car look awesome. It mainly has a gloss finishing for the board, Easy to read clocks, touch screen interface for stereo and air functioning. For convenience there a bottle holder on the rear door. Along with a touch screen stereo, there is Bluetooth connectivity also. Keyless push-button start, sunroof, rear parking camera, electric OVRMs with fold function, Driver and front passenger airbags.


There is space improvement we can say when compared to the previous version. It is 4440mm in length and 1695mm in width. The wheelbase is increased to 2600mm. With all the increased space we can observe a spacious rear knee room, shoulder room and also headroom.


The new city is coming with 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engine. In the petrol version, it is the same as the previous generation but Honda has worked out to improve the overall performance. They used low tension oils and zigzag patterns for reducing fiction. Also, they made the plastic unit to reduce the overall engine weight. In the Diesel engine, the unit is made of aluminum to make it light.


The new City has two gearboxes. The diesel-powered city will have a 6-speed manual and petrol powered city will have a 5-speed manual as well as CVT transmission. The shift quality of the City will be Crisp, short-throw and effortless. The clutch effort will below to make the drive very easy.


There totally 12 variants in the new City. 5 for petrol and 5 for diesel and two for automatic. Things like sunroof will be missing in the basic versions. The top two versions will be well equipped and expected to be very spacious.


The new City price is as shown below.

Finally, the booking for this new City will begin soon and it is expected the waiting period for this will be very high. So Hurry up grab yours for this New Year a New Honda City......!!!!

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