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Exam Preparation Tips and Time Management before Exams

Exams... Exams..... Exams..... a very tension period in every student life. From atop ranker to bottom ranker everyone is afraid of exams. Top ranker tension is to score top marks every time and bottom ranker aim is to get pass marks at least. This a fact that every student should agree.

But for everything, we do there is the right method so as for exam preparation also. Here we are trying to boost your confidence for this coming exam season. Try our preparation tips and score good ranks.

Tips for Preparation:

There some things that we should keep in mind that exam preparation has to be done carefully to score a good rank. Let us see some tips that are to be done before you start your preparation.

Before Preparation:

  1. Make your mind prepared for exams and be bold.
  2. Choose your environment very peacefully.
  3. Find the right time that is suitable for you to study. 
  4. Do not choose dark rooms for your study.
  5. Keep some music player always with you.
  6. Plan ahead how to prepare properly.

While Preparing:

  1. First, make your mind prepared for your preparation.
  2. Prepare a time table so that you divide time to cover all the subjects equally.
  3. Plan your time table with breaks as a compulsory element.
  4. Make a habit to write what you read during your preparation. When you re-write your note your mind concentrates on what you write. This may help you recall the subject. This is a very good habit for every student.
  5. Time at what you are studying also matters. Find the best time that suits your mood. Don`t study when you are really tired. I said really tired because that is a common phenomenon every student feels when they start to read. So I mentioned when you really feel tired then avoid to read and find some refreshing things that change your mood.
  6. Changing your tired mood or when you feel bored after a long study listens to some music that refreshes your mind. That your choice whether to listen to music or watch tv or play some games etc. Many prefer to listen to music so stressed that point.
  7. Have a regular interval of a break while you are studying. Taking intervals is the best thing while you study. As your mind feels stress taking intervals for every 15 or 20 min is recommended by experts.
  8. Plan every subject differently. Every subject should be planned differently as subjects are different from each other.
  9. If possible take guidance from people who are really good at that subject.
  10. Clear all your doubts before your exam date. 

Plan Your Exam Day:

  1. Finally the day you are waiting is in front of you. So plan this day carefully so that your all these days workout will not get wasted. Things to keep in mind for the exam day.
  2. Have good sleep hours on the night before your exam. It is estimated that elementary school children need 10 - 11 hours of sleep and others 8 - 9  hours of sleep.
  3. Have light food before you go to the exam hall. 
  4. Review the book you used at the time of preparation in the early morning once.
  5. Reach your exam hall at the right time. It is better and suggested that you reach your exam hall before 15 min at least.
  6. Have hot coffee or milk as you prefer before you go into the exam hall. It is proved that hot milk or coffee before you enter your exam hall will make your brain sharp and will help you recover all the subjects you prepared.

We have tried our best to provide you tips for your exam preparation. Now it's your turn to plan, prepare and achieve. our team wishes you good luck.....!!!!!

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