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Career Opportunities After Intermediate

Intermediate is a turning point for every student career. You need to choose your right career path at this point. Once you go wrong in choosing the right path you are paying your lifetime. So be very careful in choosing the career after Intermediate.

Some years ago there are only a few options for students after 12th. But now there is technology growth observed in every field. So there are a lot of career options available. We can say the opportunities are endless. The thing is you need to choose your right path among them.

Some Tips While Choosing Career:

Find out the best courses in the market.
Have good research on various courses after 12th.
Then among them find your interest.
Discuss with your family, friends, and relations.
No doubt your parents guide you best than any body. But they may not have the idea of the latest courses in the market that has good demand in the future. So it's your turn to explain to them about your research regarding this.
Now yours is the final decision.

Opportunities after Intermediate:

We are trying to provide you the best career options as far as the information we have. In any field, you choose there are advantages and disadvantages as well. But keep in mind about your interest and then the demand for the subject select your path.


Students from Maths background can choose this field. There are again some branches in it. Below mentioned are the basic and primary branches, some other branches are taken from the combinations of the subjects in these basic branches.
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering
Information Technology


The students from science background can choose this field.
MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
Forensic Science
Food Technology


This is the key to the whole system of our economy. Commerce includes all activities involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers. In this process, there are many branches that commerce deals with. They are listed below.


There are many career opportunities for students from an arts background. Below we listed many courses for students from Arts.
Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
Integrated law
Hotel Management
Fashion Designing
Interior Designing
Event Management
Mass Communication
Foreign Language

Professional Courses:

There are many courses offered in the market in recent days. These courses have an advantage that people can do these courses on a part-time or full-time basis. And once the course is done they are provided employment according to the demand of the course. These days students are opting for these courses as they can set their career paths early in their life. With the help of these courses, students can set their careers in fields of medicine, engineering, management, law, mass media, etc.
We have tried our best to provide you the information about the career opportunities after intermediate. Now it is your turn to choose your career. We wish you good luck!!!!

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