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Arrest Warrant against Actress Trisha

The Egmore Court in Chennai has issued an Arrest Warrant against Trisha and her mother Uma. Going inside the Story long back in 2005, Uma Claimed that her daughter Trisha's obscene pictures are morphed and been posted in a Magazine.

And as usual, we know what happens in Indian Court's and cases in India. In the same old Fashion, the case is still pending in the Court. Though orders were being passed both daughter and mother were staying deaf.

Finally, Trisha realized or compromised or she might not want to be Highlighted more so she decided to withdraw the case and they applied to the court. But still maintained that they are morphed pics. With this, the court understood that the actress and her mother are playing with the court of the law taking things for granted.  Hence for violating the court's orders and keeping away from court all these years, the Egmore Court has issued an arrest warrant if they do not appear in court.

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