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Uday Kiran Donates His Eyes

The suicide news of Tollywood young actor Uday Kiran shocked everyone. Uday Kiran committed suicide earlier this morning in his residence in Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad. Mental depression for not getting any good movie offers and financial problems were the reasons for his suicide. He got married in 2012 with his long love Vishitha.

Uday Kiran donated his eyes before his death itself and after his death, the eye donation team collected his eyes. After a sad ending to his life, Uday Kiran gives light to others who want to see the world. His social awareness touched many and brought tears in the people who visited to see him.

Uday Kiran was always lonely, he doesn't have many friends in the industry. He always felt loneliness, no one supported him. His recent flops gave him too much depression, added to this he has some financial problems too. Uday Kiran is presently acting in two small films in Telugu and Tamil.

Police have started their investigation to find out the real causes of his death. May his soul Rest In Peace

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