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Shocking Facts about Uday Kiran's Death

Tollywood actor Uday Kiran has committed suicide a day before yesterday in his flat in Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad. Forensic doctors have confirmed that Uday has tried two attempts to commit this suicide. Before hanging himself to the fan he also tried to cut his handoff. Forensic doctors confirmed that Uday committed his suicide between 10.30 pm to 11pm. Uday has not eaten anything on that day which brought his death too quick. He died within 2 minutes after hanging himself said the police officials.

Police also inquired about all the call data of Uday's wife Vishitha. Police confirmed that Vishitha sent few messages to Uday and also there were few outgoing calls from Uday's mobile. He made two calls to his best friend Sarat and another two to his wife Vishitha. There was some news in media about Uday sending an 'I LOVE YOU' text message to his wife. The Police officials cleared that there is no such message from his mobile.

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Some of his close friends and few Industry people stated that Uday Kiran went into depression because of not getting any good movie chances and many of his movies are getting canceled, added to this he also has few financial problems. All these problems brought too much pressure on him which made Uday commit suicide. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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