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Former F1 champion Michael Schumacher still in coma

Formula one former champion Michael Schumacher not yet recovered from his head injury. This 45-year-old athlete met with a head injury while doing skying. Due to the severe head injury, a two-time head operation has been done to him. He is yet to recover and still in a coma. We all know during his races he fights till the last second to win each and every race, in the same way here he is fighting with his life.

Speaking on Schumacher's health condition his wife said, his mental fitness is the only thing which is still keeping him alive. This seven-time formula one champion met this injury last Sunday in French Alphonse while he was doing skying with his son Mick.

Doctors are trying to remove the blood clot in his brain and to reduce the pressure doctors have done head operation twice. Meanwhile, Germany police officials have started an investigation on this accident. Michael Schumacher won seven world championships and secured 91 victories during his 19-year-old career. Let's hope and pray the god for the speedy recovery of this former champion.

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