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Indian Premier League 2014 may be Shifted to Abroad

Indian Premier League (IPL) - 7 may be divided into two parts and one of the parts will be shifted to another country. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are likely to host the other part. General elections 2014 is the reason which made the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for taking this decision. The police officials are concerned about the security problems in conducting the IPL during the Elections. This is not the first time that IPL has been shifted to another country. During the general elections in 2009, IPL-2 was shifted to South Africa.

We are yet to know which part will be held in India and which will be held abroad. The final decision will be taken soon after the announcement of general election dates. The elections are likely to be held in April-May this year. BCCI has already contacted the Sri Lankan and Bangladesh cricket board to make the necessary adjustments if in case there is any need.

Meanwhile, IPL-7 auctions will be held on February 12-13, the venue is yet to be decided. Every team can retain five capped players and can retain a sixth player via a joker card concept. Each team should consist of no more than 27 players and no less than 16 players in their squad with a limit of nine foreign players.

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