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Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal Rejects 5 Bedroom Flat

Delhi chief minister Aravind Kejriwal rejected the official government flat given to him. Regarding this incident, Kejriwal said that he has taken this decision due to the allegations made by the opposition parties. He requested the government that he needs a smaller flat.

He said that he will function the government by residing from his own house in Ghaziabad until the government allots him a smaller flat. He said that many of his friends and well-wishers phoned and suggested him not to reside in the 5 bedrooms flat allotted by the government. This was one of the reasons which made Kejriwal reject the government flat.

As we all know, Kejriwal accepted the two five-bedroom duplex flats on Bhagwan Das Road in which one of the flats should be used as his office. This made the opposition parties especially BJP MLA's to slam him that it is against AAP's views. Speaking on this Kejriwal said that earlier he used to live in a 4 bedroom flat now that he was allotted a 5-bed room flat, that's the only difference between the two.

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