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Mahesh Babu`s Response to Samantha Tweets

Superstar Mahesh Babu, the hero of 1-Nenokkidine has finally reacted to the mess that happened around their promotional posters. Mahesh Babu yesterday reacted to Samantha's regressive remarks. Mahesh in an interview last Saturday has decided to keep a dead-end board to things concurring around his movie, which may also bring a negative concern.

When coming to the issue happened, it's all about a poster in which the heroine pets at the feet of Mahesh during a song sequence. This sensitive issue has been demolished by a few movie critics and also by few film directors like Shekar kammula, who intended their regressiveness towards the poster considering the women aspects in Indian culture. Mahesh even added that " it's not an intentional instant and it is a sequence of the song with the line "OKA GANTA FISH PADADHAMA". He apologized to the public regarding the intent and he made it clear that -"on the giant screen you can see nothing in the manner of disrespect towards the women."

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