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Uyyala Jampala Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Raj Tharun, Avika Gor
Director: Virinchi Varma
Producers: Ram Mohan.P, Nagarjuna Akkineni
Music Director: Sunny.M.R
Run time: 124 Minutes

Story :

This movie runs in a beautiful village around Suri (Raj Tharun) and Uma Devi (Avika Gor) who are actually cousins (Bava & Maradalu). Suri and Uma Devi grew up fighting with each other right from their childhood. These two tend to attain revenge taking a mode of relationship by teasing each other with practical jokes and gestures. Uma Devi's family is financially on the higher side when compared with Suri's who strives hard to feed his mother (Anitha Chowdary). The meanwhile, Uma Devi gets trapped by Parbhu who tends to cheat on her. Suri gets to know this and rescues Uma Devi from Prabhu's trap. After this incident, they fall in love with each other. But, Uma Devi's marriage gets confirmed with some other guy. How Suri's and Uma Devi's financial and statuses issues walk in between? How courageously will Suri blend his love?

Rating: 2.5/5


Raj Tharun is definitely a guy with good talent. This youngster just performed his character with pure ease in gestures and dialogues. In the future, he will definitely be a good pick for the directors.
Avika Gor is just a gifted actress to the Indian cinema, she already proved herself with her performance in Balika Vadhu (Chinari Pellikuturu). And her serial fame will help this movie for sure.
Punarnavi and Anitha Chowdary had fitted themselves very well in their characters. Other characters also performed equally good.

Technical aspects :

The direction department is pretty keen. Cinematography is excellent. The background score is a big asset.
Screenplay and Editing were really weak, many first half scenes could have been trimmed. Songs are okay.

Plus Points:


Minus Points:

Screen Play


Uyyala Jampala, the first half of the movie was dragged a bit. After an excellent pre-climax, the climax was very sour and predictable. Timing of the songs, they really do disturb the feel good flow of the movie. Family emotions in the second half of the movie carry the whole weight of the movie single handled. The dialogues in the pre-climax will surely impress all classes of people with no sort of doubt. Visuals & casting were simply perfect.

Final Word: Clean entertainer with keen emotions.

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