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Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam's Padma Sri Awards in Controversy

We all know Bramhanandam and Mohan Babu are great actors of the Telugu film industry. They have acted in hundreds of films, apart from acting in films Mohan Babu is also known for his social services, he has established Educational institutions where he gave free education to many poor children. Mohan Babu and Bramhmanandam were awarded Padmasri awards from the central government for their efforts in the film industry.

The big news coming here is that High Court asks Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam to return 'Padma Sri' for misusing the Award. Earlier a few months back there was a petition filed against them regarding the misuse of Padma Sri award the movie 'Denekaina Ready'. They have used the award name before their screening name in the movie. According to article 18, this is the violation of Padma award rules.

The high court has reviewed the petition and agreed with the statement of the petitioner. The High court has given the final judgment suggesting them to give back their Padma awards. This news has become the latest sensation in Tollywood now.

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